Monday, February 21, 2005

Hi, I'm Time Warner, but you can call me "Big Brother"

''Fine Line Features, New Line'' is a unit of, yup, the CEO of Media" --> Time Warner: Home

...See for yourself, visit the Time-Warner ''family'' -->
Time Warner: Our family of brands and supporting organizations
A bold statement, maybe, but with equally BIG-GUN back-up. You see, "Time Warner" owns the following:

  • America Online
    The world’s leader in interactive services, optimized for both dial-up and broadband connections.
  • Home Box Office
    America’s most successful premium television network.
  • New Line Cinema
    The entertainment industry’s leading independent producer and distributor of feature films.
  • Time Inc.
    The largest magazine publisher in the world with more than 130 magazines.
  • Time Warner Cable
    A pioneer in the cable industry with the most advanced cable operations in the U.S.
  • Turner Broadcasting System
    Operating leading brands in television entertainment and news.
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment
    At the forefront of every aspect of the entertainment industry.

Gee Willikers, I just came upon Time Warner's Legal Terms for accessing their web-address: LEGAL and PRIVACY .
Jane Fonda has to be the "Idealist-Advocate", like 'moi', in the Kiersey Personality Assessment test, I mean, if she weren't she would still be Jack Warner's arm accessory if she were a 50-something old-news crone who knew what side her bread was buttered on.
Separating from the guy who could, like, have Billy-Bob Gates -- aka "Mr. Microsoft" for those outside geek-circles -- in his back-pocket would be a lose-lose situation. After all, not even a famous Movie Star could get THAT lawyer-ed up!

I guess that relegates us Indie Filmmakers to foreign soil, meaning Hollywood North in good ol' sub-zero-weather Toronto. Okay, maybe I could be an entry in the Euro-film festivals but I'd have to raise my right hand and swear...
"Ich ben ein Berliner!"

Naa, I'll stick to my hometown and put up with enforced bi-lingualism. So I pay a bigger Media Product marketing bill to pay for translation and dubbing, but that's show biz if you're not Jack Warner his-self.
...and that means you too, "Mr. Film Revolutionary" Michael Moore, are doomed to remain marginalized, yaye even fated to be "Lunatic Fringe".

As they say here in Hollywood North, "Quelle domage" or, if you paid for "half and half" and speak Franglais, "Quelle Kismet!"
Am I raving because I will never make $big money$ even if I am The Creative Wunderkind of all manner of electronic media? YOU BETCHA!!!

Golly, if only I had the funds, not to mention access, to the marketing folks over at Time Warner: Global Marketing. I bet you "dollars to donuts" I could get me a Grammy for my CD and I'm not even a singer, or even have a band!


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