Monday, January 24, 2005

Metacafe's FAQs

Metacafe's FAQs:

I hear so much about Metacafe from everyone I know, what is it and how do I use it?
Go to, choose “Download”, “Open” – and enjoy the best, most funny, amazing, interesting content on the web. The content is downloaded from Metacafe users around the world, who submitted it, viewed it and ranked for your enjoyment and convenience.

How do I submit to Metacafe?
Anyone can submit to Metacafe, to do that simply press the “Submit” button on the upper right side of the screen, you will be asked to input a nick name that will be displayed to the viewers with you item. You can also enter additional information such as a picture or homepage URL if you want.
· Please do NOT submit items that are a complete breech of copyright.
· You can submit short clips from shows, home videos, commercials and trailers.
· Use your discretion.
· If items are not yours, always include links to the website of the creator.

How do I connect?
You don’t have to do anything, Metacafe is designed to automatically connect to all available sources and immediately start downloading the best items for you. You can observe the connection status on the application status bar on the bottom right area of the application.

How do I send a movie to friend?
If the movie size is not too big (not over 2 MB), you can just press the “Send this video to a friend” link located just below the item’s thumbnail. You can also do that by going to the “Actions” menu and choosing “Send to friend”.

Can I keep movies from Metacafe in my folders?
You can save and view any received item in the Metacafe client, just press the Save button on the right side of the screen.


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