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Broken Saints News and Summer Schedule - June 2nd

Broken Saints

In this zippy-doo edition of the Saintly Scribe:

  1. Brooke scores a win at the CNMAs!!!
  2. CANADIAN SAINTS Part 2 – Future Shop Report!!!
  3. Summer Festival Schedule – Come meet the CrewI!!!
  4. Call for Submissions – FRIDAY FAN FUN!!!

Not much time to spare this week, dear friends…so let’s hop right to some news straight from the BS Blog!!!

(from BROOKE – Tues, May 31st)

“Quite the ‘birthday week’ surprise waiting for me upon returning home from some forgettable errands. Actually, the related news was also something I tried to ‘forget’ about, as I’ve found over the years that the Buddhists and Hindus are indeed right - excess longing for any Earthly reward tends to breed its own melancholic gravity. But lo’ and behold - a text message from our old friend Simon Conlin of the Switchstance crew in Toronto ( , saying that the Fates had smiled down and graced me with the 2005 Producer of the Year nod at the Canadian New Media Awards!!! ( )
So…uhh…what can I say? Truthfully, not much - if I learned anything from my main industry mentor at EA, it’s that producers (or ‘talking monkies’, as artists and coders affectionately call them) are only as good as the team they assemble. His analogy was something akin to playing
chess; you need to find the right Pawns (short-term contractors), Knights (creative mavericks), Bishops (tangental process drivers), Rooks (broad-skilled managers), and a powerful Queen (project lead) to protect your sorry, Kingly ass. Otherwise…?

“You’re just playing chess with checker pieces.“

Consider this a heartfelt public ovation to an incredibly talented core crew - and a slew of eager artists and engineers - who gave their collective all (and then some!) to make the Broken Saints DVD Set really shine. I doubt I’ll have the opportunity for such a wonderful and spirited collaboration anytime soon, so trust me when I say that each and every memory is a treasured one - far more than any phallic piece of glass could ever be. Word is bond.”

(from BROOKE – Wed, June 1st)

“Hey guys – we just got word that the online store at FUTURE SHOP is finally getting restocked this week - hard to believe that they sold out so quickly, but I guess they only put 50 or so copies for cyber sale, and the shipping was FREE anywhere in the country. So far, it looks like
we’ve sold well over 300 sets in just over 3 weeks at FS, which is really great news!
And as I mentioned in the last newsletter, if we’re somehow able to rock through 1000 copies before the end of June, then it’s almost an assured thing that BEST BUY (US) will make a very healthy order for stores below the 49th parallel! So obey the sample ad on the blog, dear Saints
(if you want a keepsake, it should be in select Canadian newspapers next week) - storm your local Future Shop en masse, scope out the HD Trailer ( ) on their mongo screens, and snap up the cheapest edition of the saintly saga anywhere on the planet - $39.99 CANADIAN – but only until the end of June.”

Future Shop:


Here’s a bodacious bullet-point bonanza of our globetrotting and gatherings this summer – if you’re anywhere nearby, we’d love to meet you and raise a glass of tasty cool bubbly stuff :)

-IAN is currently trekking through England, Spain, and Italy! Drop him a line at, and if you’re coordinates intersect, a union is totally possible! The award-winning Technical Director of BS doesn’t get away from his desk often enough, so be sure to give him a hug and force him to stay out in the sun for a few minutes. In the end, he’ll love you for it.

-BROOKE and DVD Associate Producer KIM V will be at the Banff Television Festival between June 11th and 15th. On vacation in Lake Louise? Hustling producers at the Fairmont? Drop us a line at and we can get glacial!

-BROOKE will be down in LA at the end of June for a couple of days, and always loves to hang with the BS Hollywood hardcores! Hit the Strip, get him drunk, and grill for top secret info on saintly stuff and the long-rumored ‘next project’!

-ANDREW, KIM, and BROOKE will be hitting the 2005 San Diego COMICON in force from July 13th-18th at the SD Convention Center! No excuses here, kidlets…if you’re in the area, you MUST make a pilgrimage to the tricked-out BS Mecca in the Main Hall. Our Booth # is 5548, and we’ll be giving away tons of swag, doing a panel, and even showcasing some all-new ART! Oh yeah…and Drew and Brooke will have their silver pens handy ;)

-The whole crew will be here in Vancouver between July 19th and 30th to welcome and entertain visiting Saints from around the world! Details on the BS Summer Party thread in the FORUMS ... but expect a few surprises from the gang, in appreciation of the loving trek.

-IAN, ANDREW, BROOKE, ADAM (5.1 Mixer), and KIM will be on hand at Anime Evolution ( ) at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby BC on August 19-21 as Guests of Honour! Not only will the crew be doing several panels and signing swag at a killer booth, but they’re expecting drop-ins by the star voices from the DVD!!! More news on this as the date approaches, but the crew’s beyond jazzed about this one…especially since they’re throwing what may well be their FINAL Rock ‘n’ Roll BS Bash on the night of the 20th. Stay tuned…


Regulars to the site know that Fridays are the day we feature contributions from fans – pictures, art, rants, detailed links, and creative spewings – and we’re starting to run dangerously low! We know there’s a wealth of talent out there, and we want to showcase your stuff. Do you
have personal snaps that resonate with the saintly vibe? Send ‘em in! Swiggy scanned art that the world needs to see? Send it in! A burning desire to express a view on the controversial socio-political top (with accompanying picture or art piece)? Come on down! A favorite link that the masses in the quiet corners of the globe need to experience?

We’ll keep posting if you keep sending, gang. Summer’s here…so let it bloom :)
All for now – it’s past midnight in the land of ale and rain, and busy beavers need their rest.
Electric handshakes and binary hugs,

The BS Crew

''Do without ‘doing’
And Everything gets done
Stop trying so hard''


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